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Our goal is to offer you a great selection of flavors to help you quit smoking today!

We carry USA made E-juice to give you the best tasting flavors.


Smokers know that traditional smoking is harmful to their health. Yet, for some people, it is a relaxing or social experience that they are not ready to give up. Beyond addiction to nicotine, there are rituals many smokers enjoy that delay their quest to seek ways in which to stop. Modern technology has a way of catching up and making our lives just a little easier.

Possibly one of the greatest new discoveries is that of The E-Cigarette.

E-Cigarettes are devices that looks like a cigarette, delivers “Vapor” and satisfies the nicotine craving, and allows the smoker to enjoy the ultimate Vaping experience. With many advancements in the industry now you can get many different types of devices that you can use to create Vapor. It starts with a battery to heat up a coil that will vaporize juice and give you the same feeling as smoking. There are many different styles/size and colors available today that you can pick from.

If the smoker is still “smoking,” how can there be advantages?

The Smoke emitted from E-Cigarettes is not really smoke but just vapor. It lasts just long enough to give the appearance of being smoke but then quickly disappears into thin air. There is no hovering cloud of smoke or secondhand smoke. Since there is no smoke, the smell does not stink up your clothing, hair, car, home, office, or any other surroundings like real smoke. You will even get flavors of ejuice that people will complement you on as smelling good.

No secondhand smoke makes the use of E-Cigarette smoking devices safer around family, friends, coworkers, and the public in general. The lack of saturating or offensive odors and dangerous emissions makes The E-Cigarette sociably acceptable.